Digital Storytelling for Nonprofits

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March 2015 Workshop Slides: 2015 Digital Storytelling Workshop VCF

March 2015 Hand-out: 2015 DIgital Storytelling Workshop Hand-out

Links to Resources from All Workshops

June Digital Storytelling Workshop SLIDES and Digital Storytelling Workshop Hand-out

 Tools & Platforms To Explore: Picmonkey & Pixlr; Audioboo & Audacity; Medium, Exposure, and Cowbird Vine, Instagram, WEVIDEO; Tumblr.

Barbara’s Scoopit–her continuously updated findings in the digital storytelling sphere

BG’s Examples: Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 10.14.50 AM No Place Like Home, on Medium, on Exposure, and on Cowbird.

Metamorphosis on Audioboo, (version with text between images: , Exposure (version with text between images and and with images on slides), Cowbird, and WeVideo.

** Hashtag Search 

Storytelling Overview

Rockefeller Foundation Report on Digital Storytelling for Social Impact and their toolkit; Hatch for Good

Resource Media’s Story Lab Report on Visual Media

Learning about Storytelling from Public Radio

Nonprofit Storytelling Truths, A Study


General Digital Storytelling

Resource Media’s Webinar (Over an hour but worth the watch) on Visual Storytelling, and there’s a Part Two on choosing visuals to inspire supporters

Media Cause (excellent resource)

Media Storm (top notch work)

Infographic on Where Folks Consume their Digital Storytelling

Infographic on  Online Storytelling

How People Read Online

Center for Digital Storytelling (the first and still one of the best)


Visual Storytelling

Free Images & Permissions

Creative Commons Search for Freely Shared Photos

How to Find Public Domain or Creative Commons Images

List of High-Quality Image Resources

Sample Release Form for Using Images

Image Dimensions Required by Various Social Media Platforms

Free Browser-based Image Editors




Resource Media on Setting Up a Photo Library

John Haydon on “Don’t Just Post Photos, Post Stories”

Using Infographics and Comics to Tell Nonprofit Story  (Media Cause)

How Many Have Ever Been Taken (great graphs)

Next Generation Visual Storytelling (done with Storify)

*** Hunger through My Lens (fabulous project; the group shares its toolkit)


Visual/Text Stories


Medium  and here’s a post on Medium for Nonprofits


Canva— free design tool: great for making story flyers, posters, etc.

NEW TOOL (8/14) Odyssey (Choose slides/scrolling/maps)

Quizio, free tool for making visual quotations



Transom.orgFabulous Tips, How-tos on Audio storytelling–aimed at radio though has great visual tips as well

Here’s a post on using Music from producer

Mashable’s List of Top Free Audio Editors 10 Powerful Audio Recording Apps (from Appstorm)

Layering Sounds in Audacity, A Quick Tutorial

Audioboo for nonprofits




Wevideo (Cross-platform, free Web video editor–easy to use) Wevideo Academy (how-tos)

Lightworks (fabulous video editor with options–for WIndows, MAC version soon to be in BETA)

Excellent Post on Video for Advocacy

On Video Storytelling for Nonprofits (some good tips to keep in mind)

OneStory Storytelling platform to crowdsource video interviews

Five-shot Method (great starting point)

Shot sequences

Multimedia Shooter Tutorials Some great advice

Resource Media Guide to Mobile Video

Vimeo School Tutorials on Making Videos Vimeo School on Video Interviews (funny)

YouTube Tutorial on Video for Nonprofits (.pdf)

UCDavis Guide to and Tips about Digital Storytelling

Tools for Transforming Text-heavy Articles


Interactive Storytelling

Racontr’s Guide to Interactive Storytelling (they are in BETA right now, but will be opening up their fabulous–and free–platform more widely soon)

Five free tools for creating interactive video


More Examples

Restore/Restory: A People’s History of the Cache Creek Nature Preserve Outstanding example of storytelling for place about place using timeline, maps, oral histories, video, tours.  You name it, it’s here.

Three Ways of Telling the Same Story from Brian Storm (Mediastorm) Excellent!

PhotoPhilanthropy’s Gallery

2014 Digital Storytelling Workshop

Vine Story by Amnesty International

Tribeca Film Festival Six-second Film Contest

Scrolling Story: Finding Home, 

Voices of the Baltimore Housing Mobility Program

Dangers of Fracking Scrolling Visual Story

Barbara’s Ongoing Curation of Storytelling Topics of Interest to Nonprofits

Additional Resources on Community Expressions

Meet the Somalis (illustrated stories of Somali families living in Europe)

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