About Community Expressions

Our Mission:

To assist communities of all sorts work towards a healthy, sustainable future, Community Expressions, LLC offers workshops and consultation on storytelling, dialogue, facilitation, community mapping and social media.

3404714659_ed2527863c_oWhat we believe:

  • Employing social and expressive media practices strengthens bonds and bridges between people and communities;
  • Bringing together individuals, local informal and formal groups and institutions within third places enhances a sense of community;
  • Coming together within an informal place of creative exploration develops reciprocal apprenticeships across community divides, offers new ways to approach lifelong learning, builds local creativity and capacity, and provides opportunities for collaborative planning for a community’s future.

What we offer:

  • Workshops and trainings
  • Consultations
  • Interactive presentations on the power of story through emerging media practices and community-building approaches



Digital technology is increasingly utilized in the social, professional and educational spaces of the world, but few communities combine the powerful practices of in-person active civic engagement and the equally powerful connective, creative and communicative practices of the Web. Local nonprofits and small communities have a deep understanding of towns and cities in our rural areas, yet do not participate fully in storytelling practices, both old and new, to bring their people together. Tools abound, simple-to-use and free of charge, and yet it is a baffling process trying to sort out what these tools do, and for whom. We are dedicated to helping rural communities, non-profits and individuals weave together the old and the new, the slow and the fast to create better worlds.

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