Social Media Storytelling

Storytelling & Social Media Slides from VCF/Ben & Jerry’s Workshop

Hand-out Social Media Storytelling Workshop



For nonprofits wanting to improve their use of social media, here is a list of useful resources:


***Rockefeller Foundation has just produced (May-June 2014) two outstanding reports you should read:

Digital Storytelling for Social Impact

The Digital Storyteller’s Toolkit, A Primer (It covers the pros and cons of various social media platforms)

June 2014 Georgetown Report on Seven Storytelling Truths for Nonprofits

The Conversation Prism: All about how we’re using social media

Media Cause posts tips, how-tos and up-to-the-minute reports on all sorts of technology for nonprofits, including social media

15 Resources to Help Improve your use of Images on Social Media

21 Tips for Nonprofits Using Social Media (Sound advice)

White Fuse Media Blog



Nonprofits and their 2014 use of Social Media

Here’s a great story about how social media saved a town library

A Bicycling Cause Pedals Its Story: Excellent combo of storytelling, social media and fun for good

Tell the Story’s Social Media Primer

Social Media 2013 Video (Not specifically about Nonprofits but Illuminating Nonetheless)

The Social Media Effect Useful graphic depiction of how a story spreads

Cinderella 2.0 Video How a Story Moves Across Media and the Web

Promoting a Cause on Social Media

Setting Up a Multi-Channel Campaign (slides from a talk by Amy Sample Ward of NTEN for VT Common Good)

2014  Where Nonprofits Go on Social Media

Oregon Nonprofits Guide to Social Media (Excellent)

Four Tips on Creating a Nonprofit Story

iReport Toolkit

Nonprofit 2.0:  All Kinds of Help with Social Media

Beth Kanter’s Blog on the Networked Nonprofit

Kivi’s Nonprofit Communications Marketing Blog – Here’s a Useful Post on Creating a Content Strategy

Knight Digital Media Center’s Mobile Strategies

8 Tips on Using Social Media Effectively for Social Good

How to Write Perfect POsts on Social Media (Platform by Platform)

Optimizing your Social Media Channels, a Guide  Useful!


Storytelling Prompts

From Vanessa Chase, The Non-Profit Storytelling Blog


Facebook Guide for Nonprofits

John Haydon’s 7 Facebook Cheat Codes for Nonprofits

John Haydon’s Pinterest Page for Nonprofits

Example:  Museum in Alaska uses FB to tell its story in an ongoing narrative


Infographic on Kinds of Tweets that Engage

Bang the Table’s 20 Tips for Using Twitter

Twitter Tips for Nonprofits

A Recipe for Twitter Success

10 Tips to Increase Your Twitter Followers

Ten Things Not To Do on Twitter (seriously good advice)

How to Use Advanced Search to Listen and Learn


Five Nonprofits Maximizing Youtube’s Nonprofit Program


Should your nonprofit use Pinterest?  An infographic from Media Cause

10 Innovative Uses of Pinterest


Nice use of Instagram to thank donors

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