Other VCF Storytelling Workshops

2013 Effective Storytelling and Story Connecting through Social Media

Storytelling and Social Media hand-out

Examples and Links We Used

Hunger Free Vermont

The Center for an Agricultural Economy

Intervale Center

Circus Smirkus Facebook Page

Northwoods Stewardship Center Facebook Page

Echo’s Twitter Page

Social Media Storytelling

Here’s a great story about how social media saved a town library

Tell the Story’s Social Media Primer

Social Media 2013 Video (Not specifically about Nonprofits but Illuminating Nonetheless)

The Social Media Effect Useful graphic depiction of how a story spreads

Cinderella 2.0 Video How a Story Moves Across Media and the Web

Promoting a Cause on Social Media

Oregon Nonprofits Guide to Social Media (Excellent)

Four Tips on Creating a Nonprofit Story

iReport Toolkit

Nonprofit 2.0:  All Kinds of Help with Social Media

Beth Kanter’s Blog on the Networked Nonprofit

Kivi’s Nonprofit Communications Marketing Blog — Here’s a Useful Post on Creating a Content Strategy

Knight Digital Media Center’s Mobile Strategies

Facebook Guide for Nonprofits

John Haydon’s 7 Facebook Cheat Codes for Nonprofits

John Haydon’s Pinterest Page for Nonprofits

Example:  Museum in Alaska uses FB to tell its story in an ongoing narrative

Bang the Table’s 20 Tips for Using Twitter

Twitter Tips for Nonprofits

A Recipe for Twitter Success

2013 The Art of Storytelling

Art of Storytelling Hand-out

Flickr Set of Workshop Slides

Examples We Used:   The Vermont Sail Freight Project, VW commercial, The Majestic Plastic Bag,
TP the Crisis Center, Doctors Without Borders’ Appeal

ListenIn Pictures’ Five Steps to Mastering the Interview

Five TEDTalks on Storytelling

Resource Media’s Visual Story Lab (Terrific Guide to Visual Storytelling)

2013 Workshop: Digital Storytelling for Nonprofits



Slide show

Dance Company Slide Show

Text Overlay on Photo


Bayfront Maritime Center, YMCA Kids club

Follow the Frog

Digital Storytelling Tips and Tools and Resources

Multimediashooter.com  Excellent Resource

Three Ways of Telling the Same Story

Digital Storytelling–Thinking through the Tactics

Simple Example of a Digital Story to Tell A Great Fundraising Story


Digital Storytelling from Soup to Nuts

Example of Digital STory: Troopers Are as Tough as Gold

Visual Stories

Tools for Image Editing:  pixlr.com , Over (iPhone text on photos)

Infogram for making infographics

Instagram for Branding and Telling Your Organization’s Story

Examples of Nonprofits using Instagram Video

PhotoVoice : Participatory Photography

Example:  Scrolling Image-Text Story

Beanstalk Foundation’s fine use of their website (and social media) to tell stories

Rethinking Visual Storytelling (The Screen as Visual, Connected)

How Many Photos Have Ever Been Taken (some great graphs)

Children of the Nations Visual Storytelling

SPCA International Visual & Text Storytelling

A Post on Next Gen Visual Storytelling

Creative Commons Search for Free Photos

Example of Vine App Story (Amnesty International)

Sample Permission Form to Photograph Subjects

Video Stories

Tips on Video Storytelling for Nonprofits

Video Storytelling for Nonprofits Guide

A Free e-Book on Video Storytelling

Five-Shot Video Guide

Andrew Lih’s Video Interviewing Guide

Pinterest Array of Video Storytelling Examples

Meograph app

Guide to Video Editing

Example:  Cooking with a Passion

Digital Storytelling Checklist

Vimeo’s Video School

Using Video Well

Audio Stories

Third Place Audio — List of Audio Sites

Layering Sounds in Audacity

Audio Storytelling for Nonprofits:  Some useful examples and good overview

Audio Storytelling  Some Great links here

Free Sounds (A Directory of Sites)

Example:  Audio Slideshow (Single Image) from New Orleans

Example: Geoff Gevalt’s Story of Lily

Example:  Aaron Huey’s Cowbird Story: Soundtrack

Poynter Institute’s Post on Online Audio Storytelling Tools

Poynter Institute’s Tips on Audio in Multimedia Storytelling


Tools for Making Infographics

Bridge The Gulf Project

Soul of Athens

The Whole Story

Contemporary Storytelling – Transmedia Paradigm Shift | Wyoming Community Media


The Modern Story  Digital Storytelling in Indian Schools

2012 Storytelling for Communities

1 VCF Workshop Hand-out


FLICKR Set of Slides 

Post on Network Mapping

Background on Community Engagement & Storytelling

Re-Weaving the Community, Creating the Future: Storytelling at the Heart and Soul of Healthy Communities Barbara for Orton Family Foundation

Relying on Ourselves, The Spirit of Rural Community Development by Nelda K. Pearson: on the role of storytelling in community development in rural Appalachia

The Most Human Art Scott Russell Sanders’s article on the importance of storytelling

Barbara’s Delicious.com feed of storytelling bookmarks (updated regularly)

Working with Stories, a free online Book by Cynthia Kurtz

True Community is founded on a Sense of Place, History and Trust an essay by Chris Maser

A Storytelling Model of Civic Engagement in a Multiethnic Urban Space by Kim, Yong-Chan

Orton Family Foundation’s Heart & Soul Community Planning Handbook

Renewable Energy: How Story Can Revitalize Your Organization  by Madeleine Blair (.pdf)

Neuroscience, Psychology and Why Storytelling is Serious Stuff

Empathy, Neurochemistry and the Dramatic Arc  by Casebeer & Zak

Something Startling This Way Comes  Wonder and Story

The Power of Story— Great little video on why we remember stories

1940s Experiment on the Human Urge to Tell Stories (you can try it out!)

Why Visual Storytelling Is the Future of Digital

Chip & Dan Heath  Made to Stick  Great read, useful!

Winning the Story Wars  Free webinair and slide set from Jonah Sachs

Stories vs. Statistics – NYTimes.com

Story, Interrupted: Why We Need New Approaches to Digital Narrative

Storytelling = Nonprofit Sustainability

Neuroscientist Michael Gazzaniga on How Our Brain Makes Stories

Message & Pitch Tips & Resources

The Stanford Social Innovation Review: The Eight-Word Mission Statement

Ernest Hemingway and the Six-Word Story (Wikipedia)

Andy Goodman on The Five-Part Pitch (.pdf)

Ashoka Infographic on How to Make Your Message Stick

Infographic on Storytelling Versus Corporate Speak

On Shifts in Today’s World & Story

Want Your Message to Stick?  Tell a Story

Don’t Post Photos, Post Stories

Chimamanda Adichie: The Danger of a Single Story | TED.com

Organizational Storytelling

The #ROI of Stories

Story-based Practices to Foster Insight

Data-Driven Brand Storytelling: Six Steps to Credible Stories

Donor Loyalty: Five Core Principles to Help Secure the Second Gift

Whoever Tells the Best Stories Wins –some useful tips and examples from Karen Dietz

Network for Good: Year-End Fundraising Tips (.pdf)

Storytelling for Fundraising Efforts:  Examples

Charity:Water  Great examples of Micro-stories

Doctors without Borders  All kinds of media and story lines and pitches for general audience

The Majestic Plastic Bag Video:  Humor!

TP the Crisis Center:  Humor!

Lumana Annual Report  Use of Visuals

Examples of micro-stories from Volunteers of America

Ahern Associates has some excellent examples of e-appeals, end-of-year appeals, letters, etc.  Here’s a set from the Coastguard (.pdf)

Haas Foundation First-Person Stories  Superb Examples of Beneficiary & Staff Stories

Welcome Stories  Short Video stories of Individuals Telling their Story All Around the Same Theme

Infographics  –Not strictly about Fundraising, but an Analysis of Well-designed Examples

Network for Good’s Tips on Fundraising Emails

ReStore Makes a Video to Thank Its Donors

Storytelling Organizations Working with Communities

Thaler Pekar is a Storytelling Consultant working out of NYC.

Andy Goodman’s site offers many helpful resources on storytelling.

Anecdote, a storytelling organization that has produced a handout on Conducting Anecdote Circles, similar to Story Circles

Stories for Change, community-storytelling network site with tips, examples, and links

Center for Digital Storytelling, one of the first and most influential groups to engage communities with the process of digital storytelling—they really wrote the book on community digital storytelling. See Founder and Director Joe Lambert’s Digital Story about Saving the Albany Bulb

Creative Narrations, storytelling for community change: “a cutting-edge social change consulting firm specializing in multimedia support and training for non-profit and educational institutions. Bringing together narrative, technology, and community building, we help you document the voices and images of change that you see every day.”

Voices, storytelling expert Josh Schachter’s group capturing the stories of Tucson

Full Circle Associates/Nancy White works with all kinds of communities on communication and stewardship.  See her book, Digital Habitats.

Kathy Hansen works primarily with businesses and storytelling, but she has gathering many useful resources for nonprofits as well

Community Story Examples

Troy Library Video  Digital Storytelling for Change

Skowhegan Revitalization Project:  schools and community partnering to engage youth in revitalization efforts, including historic walking tour podcasts

Face Up: Telling Stories of Community Life “is a documentary/public art project that grows out of local conversations about neighborhood goals in Southwest Central Durham, North Carolina. The project blends an artist’s residency with collaborative documentary exploration and art-making in community settings, building relationships in the process.”

Murmur [murmur] “is a documentary oral history project that records stories and memories told about specific geographic locations. We collect and make accessible people’s personal histories and anecdotes about the places in their neighborhoods that are important to them. In each of these locations we install a [murmur] sign with a telephone number on it that anyone can call with a mobile phone to listen to that story while standing in that exact spot, and engaging in the physical experience of being right where the story takes place.”

Placeography, “A wiki where you can share the history of and stories about a house, building, farmstead, public land, neighborhood or any place to which you have a personal connection. If you don’t have a place to contribute, please enjoy learning about others.”

Why Here Why Now “Collecting the sights, sounds and stories of Yellow Springs, Ohio” This project is one person’s brainchild. Some excellent examples of interviews here and Wordle tag clouds of the story theme. It includes an excellent overview of Wordle, Tagul and Many Eyes for analyzing the interviews.

Going Coastal “Our coast defines Nova Scotians like nothing else. Our ancestors fished off it. Tourists from all over the world bask along it. And people from near and far fulfill a dream by building on it. But development along our coast is threatening the very thing we hold so dear. CBC Nova Scotia investigates the issue of coastal management through your stories.” Here’s an example of an audio story.

Kodja Place Stories, Australia “The Kodja Place is the story of country Australia – as experienced by one farming community in south western Australia. It welds state of the art design and technologies with the simple directness of the traditional Noongar style of storytelling – we use our own words and our own images to tell own story – it is not the packaged words of outside experts.”

Glasgow, Scotland 2020:  Imagining the Future of the City “Glasgow 2020 is a project to collect together the imagination of the city to tell a new story about its future. This site is a place to read and submit stories, make wishes and check out events about the future of Glasgow. What’s your story?”

West Medford MA historic walking tour (by Brandeis University class)

Saving the Sierra:  “..explores the geographic, political & philosophical boundaries of the new Sierra Nevada Conservancy. Through public media & citizen storytelling, the project documents community efforts to conserve the environment, culture & economy of the Sierra Nevada.

The Organic City Project: “ is a community storytelling project focused on the downtown Oakland areas surrounding Lake Merritt. We encourage you to find and tell stories about local places through this website. These stories form the basis for mobile media that can be experienced while walking around the city.”

Meadowlark Institute Stories as springboards to community dialogues and planning for the future.

Holding Up the Memories An audio-slide story to capture the voices of Kentucky

Capture Wales Digital Stories

Storymapping Example from Ukiah, California “Stories collected and integrated into a stage production featuring 21 stories, many performed live by the authors.”

Neighborhood Narratives “A mechanism though which students can explore neighborhoods across the globe while developing transnational connections. By examining the similarities and the differences of their “neighborhood narratives,” students begin to develop heightened understandings of the effects of globalization both at home and in other nations.”

PhilaPlace: “Explore the City of Neighborhoods through maps, stories, photographs, and documents, and share the story of your PhilaPlace.”

Mapping Memories: Stories of Refugee Youth in Montreal “is a collaborative multi-media project which uses personal stories and a range of media tools (video, sound walks, mapping, photography) to share the experiences of youth with refugee experience in Montreal.”

KCET Story Shares “Join us in weaving together a collective narrative for the city.

Media Arts Center San Diego Projects in community digital storytelling

Coramandel New Zealand Community Digital Storytelling Project: “This is an initiative to record, preserve, and share the history and stories of the Coromandel community using Digital Storytelling.”

Talk About Local in the UK “is a project to give people in their communities a powerful online voice.  We want to help people communicate and campaign more effectively to influence events in the places in which they live, work or play.”

Echo Archive in Leeds, England: “Collaborating with local residents and schoolchildren, we recorded a variety of sounds that reflect life in the area. Machinery and playgrounds, community choirs and rappers echoing in tower block stairwells. The project is a document of that process, resulting in a custom audio instrument that allows users to remix & resample sounds of the area into their own compositions. On this site you can download the instrument, or review what others have done with it.”

Westminster Stories: “Stories from a street in Providence, Rhode Island”

Big Stories Small Town in Australia: “… features collaborations between communities & filmmakers in residence”

The Audio-Video Barn “is full of stories about Illinois agriculture. It contains audio and video recordings of more than 130 oral-history interviews with people involved in agriculture and rural life in Illinois.”

Transom.org and Radio for Local Sense of Place

My Block NYC

American Memory from the Library of Congress

uMAP the Community

Hear Here  Tell your story about a neighborhood place

Storytelling tips and techniques

General Storytelling

Nancy Duarte’s Storyboarding Method

Knowledge Sharing Tools and Methods Toolkit – Samoan Circle

Story-Based Communication Skills

Cynthia Kurtz’s Questions to Ask for Stories

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