PTV Storytelling and Social Media Workshop Resources

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 7.44.09 AMWorkshop Slides (.pdf)


Hold onto your hats, I’m giving you more resources than you could possibly use, but every one is worth studying:

General Strategic Storytelling Resources

***Rockefeller Foundation produced (May-June 2014) two outstanding reports you should read:

Digital Storytelling for Social Impact
The Digital Storyteller’s Toolkit, A Primer (It covers the pros and cons of various social media platforms)
And then launched HATCH for Good, a superb resource for nonprofits embarking on strategic storytelling for impact

PEW 2014 Social Media Report
Framing your Issue from Jeremy Porter
Knight Foundation’s Community Information Sources
Nancy Duarte’s Storyboarding Method
Knowledge Sharing Tools and Methods Toolkit – Samoan Circle
Story-Based Communication Skills
From Bill Moyers: Telling the Story of Self (Excellent discussion and tips)
Cynthia Kurtz’s Questions to Ask for Stories
Thaler Pekar’s Post on “What Will Replace the Hero’s Journey” 
Tips on Working with Sensitive Populations
The Story Spine
Whoever Tells the Best Stories Wins –some useful tips and examples from Karen Dietz
The Irresistible Power of Storytelling as a Strategic Business Tool (Freytag’s Triangle and Paul Zak’s work)
On Republishing your Stories
Hatch for Good on Getting the Most Out of Each Story
HBR on how digital strategy shouldn’t be about attention

Specifically for Historic Preservation & Museums

Gunther Sonnenfeld on Redefining History through the Power of Data Narrative
Forget the Objects, Tell the Stories (Slideshare deck for Museums in particular)
History Colorado and Communications Strategy (.pdf)
Being Social, What Museums Need to Understand for the Future

Museum Bloggers to Watch
Nina Simon, highly influential on (re)designing museums for the times:

Jaspar Visser on helping museums with digital engagement strategies: and his digital engagement framework:
Colleen Dilenschneider on creative engagement in museums

Message & Pitch Tips & Resources:

The Stanford Social Innovation Review: The Eight-Word Mission Statement
Ernest Hemingway and the Six-Word Story (Wikipedia)
Andy Goodman on The Five-Part Pitch (.pdf)
Ashoka Infographic on How to Make Your Message Stick
Infographic on Storytelling Versus Corporate Speak
On Shifts in Today’s World & Story
Want Your Message to Stick?  Tell a Story
Don’t Post Photos, Post Stories
Chimamanda Adichie: The Danger of a Single Story |
Organizational Storytelling
The #ROI of Stories
Story-based Practices to Foster Insight
Data-Driven Brand Storytelling: Six Steps to Credible Stories
The Art and Science of Great Brand Storytelling
Donor Loyalty: Five Core Principles to Help Secure the Second Gift
Network for Good: Year-End Fundraising Tips (.pdf)
From Vanessa Chase, The Non-Profit Storytelling Blog
Four Tips on Creating a Nonprofit Story
40 Fundraising Blogs You Should Be Reading in 2015
12 Tips for #WomenBike Storytelling | League of American Bicyclists
Forget the objects, tell the stories
Redefining History Through the Power of Data Narrative | Gunther Sonnenfeld | LinkedIn


NEW* Terrific list of digital storytelling tools
24 Tools for Journalists
Exposure (visual stories)
Storify (for curating stories drawn from hashtags) Example #museumsrespondtoferguson

Storytelling Ideas and Exercises

General Social Media Resources

Tips from Paull Young on Storytelling at Charity:Water (great lessons)
June 2014 Georgetown Report on Seven Storytelling Truths for Nonprofits
The Conversation Prism: All about how we’re using social media
Media Cause posts tips, how-tos and up-to-the-minute reports on all sorts of technology for nonprofits, including social media
21 Tips for Nonprofits Using Social Media (Sound advice)
White Fuse Media Blog
Nonprofits and their 2014 use of Social Media
Tell the Story’s Social Media Primer
Blue State Digital shares some great strategies and tips
Jasper Visser et al’s Digital Engagement Handbook
Social Media 2013 Video (Not specifically about Nonprofits but Illuminating Nonetheless)
The Social Media Effect Useful graphic depiction of how a story spreads
Cinderella 2.0 Video How a Story Moves Across Media and the Web
Promoting a Cause on Social Media
Setting Up a Multi-Channel Campaign (slides from a talk by Amy Sample Ward of NTEN for VT Common Good)
2014  Where Nonprofits Go on Social Media
Oregon Nonprofits Guide to Social Media (Excellent)
Four Tips on Creating a Nonprofit Story
iReport Toolkit
Nonprofit 2.0:  All Kinds of Help with Social Media
Beth Kanter’s Blog on the Networked Nonprofit
Kivi’s Nonprofit Communications Marketing Blog – Here’s a Useful Post on Creating a Content Strategy
Knight Digital Media Center’s Mobile Strategies
8 Tips on Using Social Media Effectively for Social Good
How to Write Perfect Posts on Social Media (Platform by Platform)
Optimizing your Social Media Channels, a Guide  Useful!

General Examples

NextCity and its Multichannel Submission Requests (great Historic Prez example)
Here’s a great story about how social media saved a town library
A Bicycling Cause Pedals Its Story: Excellent combo of storytelling, social media and fun for good
Dozens and Trails Birmingham Library website –wow!

For Historic Prez

The New Yorker article on Saving Buildings with Social Media
NextCity and its Multichannel Submission Requests (great Historic Prez example)

Blogging (and Social Blogging a la Tumblr)

Kivi Marketing for Nonprofits on Six Different Kinds of Nonprofit Blogs
Hidden Philadephia Collective Blog
Preservation in the 21st Century: Change is the Constant (and other posts from Preservation Leadership Forum Blog)
Historic Preservation Club Blog
Field Notes from Philly Blog

12 Nonprofits to Follow on Tumblr


From PEW: 6 Types of Twitter Conversations
Infographic on Kinds of Tweets that Engage
Bang the Table’s 20 Tips for Using Twitter
Twitter Tips for Nonprofits
NEW–Resource Media’s Five Twitter Tips
A Recipe for Twitter Success
10 Tips to Increase Your Twitter Followers
Ten Things Not To Do on Twitter (seriously good advice)
How to Use Advanced Search to Listen and Learn
Topsy: Twitter search and analytics
Tweetdeck for viewing/listing, tagging Twitterstream
Hootsuite free and $-levels for deep suite of Twitter tools


Facebook Guide for Nonprofits
John Haydon’s 7 Facebook Cheat Codes for Nonprofits
John Haydon’s Pinterest Page for Nonprofits

Example:  Museum in Alaska uses FB to tell its story in an ongoing narrative

Instagram and other Visual Storytelling

Resource Media’s Visual Story Lab (Terrific Guide to Visual Storytelling)
Instagram for Branding and telling your organization’s story
Infographic on Instagram for Nonprofits
Visual Storytelling to Connect Your Brand with New Audiences Tips
Rethinking Visual Storytelling (The Screen as Visual, Connected)
How Many Photos Have Ever Been Taken (some great graphs)
A Post on Next Gen Visual Storytelling
Using Compelling Images: Network for Good
Creative Commons Search for Free Photos
PhotoVoice : Participatory Photography
Sample Permission Form to Photograph Subjects
15 Resources to Help Improve your use of Images on Social Media
Nice use of Instagram to thank donors
Charity:Water simple use of Instagram

Tools for Image Editing:  Pixlr, Photobucket, Over (iPhone app for text on photos), ThingLink (add links to images), GimpGifmaker
Beth Kanter’s Recipe for Text Overlays
17 Online Tools to Create Beautiful Visual Quotes

Video (Youtube, Vine, Instagram and Vimeo)

Article on Instagram’s new video feature
On Social Video (Vine, Instagram and Youtube)
Tips on Video Storytelling for Nonprofits
Video Storytelling for Nonprofits Guide
A Free e-Book on Video Storytelling
Five-Shot Video Guide
Andrew Lih’s Video Interviewing Guide
Pinterest Array of Video Storytelling Examples
Guide to Video Editing
Another Guide to Nonprofit Videos
Digital Storytelling Checklist
Vimeo’s Video School
Using Video Well
Example of Vine App Story (Amnesty International)
Five Nonprofits Maximizing Youtube’s Nonprofit Program
What the Budweiser video can teach you about Video Storytelling
Charity:Water use Vimeo to showcase its fundraisers
Historic Preservation Students’ Rap Video
Our City, Our Story (Rockford Illinois)
RWJohnson video snapshots about what excites their staff

New: Create social videos with a smartphone

Other Video Tools

Meograph app
Soo Meta Online Video Editor — Easy!
WeVideo (easy, online, free!)


Should your nonprofit use Pinterest?  An infographic from Media Cause
10 Innovative Uses of Pinterest

Links Following Flow of The Workshop (We won’t look at them all)

Saving Buildings with Social Media – The New Yorker
12.23.14 | Big Old Houses: Preservation Triage in Providence | New York Social Diary
Social Media Site Usage 2014 | Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project
The Best of Preservation Magazine’s Transitions Department: 2014 – PreservationNation Blog
Preservation Leadership Forum Blog – Insights and Information for Preservation Professionals
Vermont Community Foundation > Home
Wisconsin Historical Society
Indiana Landmarks – saving Indiana’s historic places
Pennsylvania Historic Preservation – Blog of the Pennsylvania Historic Preservation OfficePennsylvania Historic Preservation | Blog of the Pennsylvania Historic Preservation Office
Portland Preservation | A blog written by The Bosco-Milligan Foundation/Architectural Heritage Center
Hidden City Philadelphia | Home
Field Notes
Preservation in Mississippi | It ain’t all moonlight and magnolias
Cafe Unknown
Preservation in Pink
Menokin: Rubble With A Cause | A Revolutionary Exploration of Historic Preservation
Project for Public Spaces | Placemaking for Communities
Help Us With Our #ChangingCity Project – Next City
Fears vs. Dreams
historic preservation | Tumblr
Twitter Search, Monitoring, & Analytics |
@MuseumTweets/Museum Social Media Mgrs on Twitter
Historic Scotland
Vermont Foodbank
Indiana Landmarks
Shelburne Farms
Shelburne Museum
NorthWoods Stewardship Center
Bangor Maine Police Department
8 Pictures That Capture How Cities Changed in 2014 – Next City
Photo by charitywater
Photo by charitywater
shelburnefarms on Instagram
bevmainstreets on Instagram
#historicpreservation on Instagram
Historic Cemeteries, as Seen on Instagram | National Trust for Historic Preservation
Media Cause | Infographic: Instagram for Nonprofits
Are you ready? Get set, let’s go! on Vimeo
Happy New Year from Circus Smirkus on Vimeo
Sound and Story – YouTube
The National Register Rap – YouTube
RWJF’s Pioneer Portfolio: Open to New Ideas – YouTube
Immigrant Nation
#TuringTour (with images, tweets) · sciencemuseum · Storify
“#TateTours” in tweets, images, videos and links · Storify
#Museumsrespondtoferguson (with images, tweets) · aleiabrown · Storify
Our City, Our Story | All Stories
Four magic steps to creating shareable, purpose-driven social media content
Case Study: Community Foundation Two-Person Content Team · Hatch
15 of the best Instagram videos of 2014 | Econsultancy
History Treasured & Sometimes Endangered
Say Quarterly • The Power of Point of View
Stories –
Losing Ground
Home | Sound and Story Project of the Hudson Valley
What is Missing?
Dozens & Trails
In Summer We Swim: Waterkeeper Swim Guide
Reflecting the Past | Heritage Sandbox
National Parks Project
24 Tools for Journalists to Explore in 2015 — Medium
PreservationNation’s profile – Vine
17 Online Photo Editors to Create Beautiful Visual Quotes
6 Clever Mobile Apps Created by Nonprofits
10 Tips For Crafting the Perfect Tweet | Simply Measured
The 30 Most Active Museums on Instagram | TOTEMS
Visual Story Lab – What makes an image stand out on Instagram?
Why Nonprofit Organizations Should Use Medium to Tell Their Story – Best practices, tips & fundraising ideas for nonprofits
The Single Chair Lift at Mad River Glen, Fayston, VT – YouTube
No Place Like Home — Medium
Visual Storytelling Comparison: One Story, Three Platforms–Cowbird, Exposure & Medium – Community Expressions, LLC

Historic Preservation Examples
NextCity and its Multichannel Submission Requests (great Historic Prez example)
Super-connected Wisconsin Historical Society (FB, Twitter, Tumblr)
Indiana Landmarks Weekly Blog and Facebook page
Cafe Unknown Blog (Portland Oregon History) and Portland Preservation Blog
Preservation in Mississippi blog
Pennsylvania Historic Preservation Blog
Rubble with a Cause Blog
Historic Scotland Video on Facebook with Greatest hits from 2014
Great blogpost, “Jane Jacobs was Right,” but writer never responds to comments : shuts down conversation
Knight Foundation Competition Winner Ghost Signs Project Blog
What is Missing?
In Summer We Swim
Reflecting the Past — this group does all kinds of inventive, innovative storytelling
Immigrant Nation: participatory video storytelling
Philadephia Art Museum’s Twitter

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