Community Work

A Sampling


Re-weaving the Community, Creating the Future
A White Paper on the powerful role storytelling can and should play in communities, commissioned by the Orton Family Foundation (online and .pdf versions available)


Storytelling for Community Planning: An Overview
An online training (in  30-minute video and slide formats) produced for the Orton Family Foundation for community groups wanting to learn more about storytelling approaches for civic engagement, capacity building and insight into values held by the community; access the accompanying worksheets here.

Damariscotta, Maine, Excerpts from Community Chats
A Digital Story edited for Orton Family Foundation’s Heart & Soul Storytelling Project

A Tale of Two Dances
A Digital Story for a Northern Voice Conference session with Nancy White and Laura Blankenship on the spaces between online and offline communities


Storytelling Overview Workshop: Starksboro
Developed for the Art & Soul Initiative in Starksboro, Vermont (Orton Family Foundation)

Walking Through the Digital Storytelling Door
A Workshop Designed for University Classrooms

Storytelling for Community Foundations: A Workshop for the Montana Community Foundation

Workshop Wikis

A sampling of wikis to accompany workshops offered in rural and academic communities, at conferences, and online.

For More Examples, contact Barbara at

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