Why Storytelling is Serious Stuff

Neuroscience, Psychology and Why Storytelling is Serious Stuff

The Power of Story Video

Empathy, Neurochemistry and the Dramatic Arc  by Casebeer & Zak

Something Startling This Way Comes  Wonder and Story

The Power of Story– Great little video on why we remember stories

1940s Experiment on the Human Urge to Tell Stories (you can try it out!)

Why Visual Storytelling Is the Future of Digital

Chip & Dan Heath  Made to Stick  Great read, useful!

Winning the Story Wars  Free webinair and slide set from Jonah Sachs

Stories vs. Statistics – NYTimes.com

Story, Interrupted: Why We Need New Approaches to Digital Narrative

Storytelling = Nonprofit Sustainability

Neuroscientist Michael Gazzaniga on How Our Brain Makes Stories

Psychology Today:Peter Guber on The Inside Story

Psychology Today Article on Wonder in Storytelling

Paul Zak’s Study on Empathy and Story (Neurobiology of Narrative)

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