Background on Community Engagement & Storytelling

Re-Weaving the Community, Creating the Future: Storytelling at the Heart and Soul of Healthy Communities Barbara for Orton Family Foundation

Relying on Ourselves, The Spirit of Rural Community Development by Nelda K. Pearson: on the role of storytelling in community development in rural Appalachia

The Most Human Art Scott Russell Sanders’s article on the importance of storytelling

The Psychology of Storytelling  A useful blogpost from Sparring Mind

Working with Stories, a free online Book by Cynthia Kurtz

True Community is founded on a Sense of Place, History and Trust an essay by Chris Maser

A Storytelling Model of Civic Engagement in a Multiethnic Urban Space by Kim, Yong-Chan

Orton Family Foundation’s Heart & Soul Community Planning Handbook

Barbara’s feed of storytelling bookmarks (updated regularly)

Renewable Energy: How Story Can Revitalize Your Organization  by Madeleine Blair (.pdf)

Thaler Pekar on Hearing the Stories within the Stories

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