Photo Gallery

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Photographs of Barbara teaching storytelling workshops:

Storytellingtraining_Victor2(1) DSC_0310(1) DSC_0292(2) DGV_2567

DGV_2544 Damariscotta Storytelling (52) 3468335398_53104a71f7_b 3467520763_6b38a9174c_b

Storytelling Postcards (for Use in Workshops)

6231154270_173d3347e0_b 6230606083_fa48ec2f1e_b 6215905724_d67837cf62_b 6215948716_3c77fdc907_b

6215896298_f96318e5ec_b 6215852276_76e118e088_o 6215829318_3151d63db3_b why

Storytelling Exercises (for more details check out our Flickr photostream):

6254144574_52866e14e2_b 6230914054_827c38f910_b 6230515253_4c4f35c81c_b 6221612630_683b7c629a_b6217800154_8c494180ee_b 6217173583_af247d5bef_b 6217173347_ed18e46ca0_b 6216050016_a784cfa175_b


3468332314_ba7bfa654d_b 3467519647_2c23220677_b 3467519113_c605978829_b 3410257258_753899936c_o

3405526438_9cc49df7e4_o 3404715097_90e19fbb3f_o  3404714659_ed2527863c_o  slide

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