Storytelling Tips, Tools & Resources

General Storytelling:

Nancy Duarte’s Storyboarding Method

Knowledge Sharing Tools and Methods Toolkit – Samoan Circle

Story-Based Communication Skills

From Bill Moyers: Telling the Story of Self (Excellent discussion and tips)

Cynthia Kurtz’s Questions to Ask for Stories

Thaler Pekar’s Post on “What Will Replace the Hero’s Journey” 

Tips on Working with Sensitive Populations

The Story Spine

Message & Pitch Tips & Resources:

The Stanford Social Innovation Review: The Eight-Word Mission Statement

Ernest Hemingway and the Six-Word Story (Wikipedia)

Andy Goodman on The Five-Part Pitch (.pdf)

Ashoka Infographic on How to Make Your Message Stick

Infographic on Storytelling Versus Corporate Speak

On Shifts in Today’s World & Story

Want Your Message to Stick?  Tell a Story

Don’t Post Photos, Post Stories

Chimamanda Adichie: The Danger of a Single Story |

Organizational Storytelling

The #ROI of Stories

Story-based Practices to Foster Insight

Data-Driven Brand Storytelling: Six Steps to Credible Stories

Donor Loyalty: Five Core Principles to Help Secure the Second Gift

Whoever Tells the Best Stories Wins –some useful tips and examples from Karen Dietz

The Irresistible Power of Storytelling as a Strategic Business Tool (Freytag’s Triangle and Paul Zak’s work)

Network for Good: Year-End Fundraising Tips (.pdf)

Digital Storytelling: 

Three Ways of Telling the Same Story

Digital Storytelling–Thinking through the Tactics


Digital Storytelling from Soup to Nuts

The Whole Story

How to Make a Great Storyboard

Visual Stories:

Resource Media’s Visual Story Lab (Terrific Guide to Visual Storytelling)

Tools for Image Editing:  Pixlr, Photobucket, Over (iPhone app for text on photos), Instagram (Smartphone app)

Instagram for Branding and telling your organization’s story

PhotoVoice : Participatory Photography

Rethinking Visual Storytelling (The Screen as Visual, Connected)

How Many Photos Have Ever Been Taken (some great graphs)

A Post on Next Gen Visual Storytelling

Creative Commons Search for Free Photos

Example of Vine App Story (Amnesty International)

Sample Permission Form to Photograph Subjects

Visual Storytelling to Connect Your Brand with New Audiences Tips

Beth Kanter’s Recipe for Text Overlays

Using Compelling Images: Network for Good

Audio Stories:

Audacity — great tool for audio editing

Soundcloud –audio sharing site

Third Place Audio — List of Audio Sites

Layering Sounds in Audacity

Audio Storytelling for Nonprofits:  Some useful examples and good overview

Audio Storytelling  Some Great links here

Free Sounds (A Directory of Sites)

Poynter Institute’s Post on Online Audio Storytelling Tools

Poynter Institute’s Tips on Audio in Multimedia Storytelling

Hongkiat’s 25 Free Digital Audio Editors List

Guide to Making Soundslides Stories


Video Stories:

Article on Instagram’s new video feature

On Social Video (Vine, Instagram and Youtube)

Tips on Video Storytelling for Nonprofits

Video Storytelling for Nonprofits Guide

A Free e-Book on Video Storytelling

Five-Shot Video Guide

Andrew Lih’s Video Interviewing Guide

Pinterest Array of Video Storytelling Examples

Meograph app

Guide to Video Editing

Another Guide to Nonprofit Videos

Digital Storytelling Checklist

Vimeo’s Video School

Using Video Well

Soo Meta Online Video Editor — Easy!


Infogram for making infographics

Tools for Making Infographics

Bridge The Gulf Project

Contemporary Storytelling – Transmedia Paradigm Shift | Wyoming Community Media

Tips on Making Infographics

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