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5566365568_72c3e33d08_bMontana Community Foundation

“Barbara is a animated and engaging speaker. She has a great sense of humor, which makes her presentations fun.  She capped off her storytelling workshop by facilitating a storytelling contest. The participants used what Barbara had taught us and we heard stories that made us laugh AND made us sad. The contest was the highlight of our three-day conference. Barbara’s workshop definitely met our needs and helped us learn how to engage our donors and volunteers in a deeper way.”  Catherine Cooney, Program Director

Monterey Institute of International Studies

“Barbara has been of tremendous help to the Monterey Institute in two important ways. First, her workshops have energized our teachers and facilitators to infuse their courses with stories and their online communities with opportunities to interact. Second,  by planting the seeds of story-centered community building, she has empowered us to find new venues and ways of listening to each other, leading us into a slow dance around the story circle over the course of the next year.  One of the best things about working with Barbara is how easily she finds the heart of a new community and shapes her approaches around it.”  Amy McGill, Executive Director of Strategic Planning & Technology 

Orton Family Foundation

“Community Expressions, LLC goes beyond our expectations in listening to their client and designing a project that is thoughtful and responsive – based on their experience and practice but tailored to a community’s unique needs. Barbara is an excellent trainer with an engaging and dynamic style. Her graphics were really helpful for capturing the community storytelling concepts and she had lots of concrete examples to reference.

Without the expertise and resources of Community Expressions we would never be as far along in our projects or have built this level of staff capacity. Rather than attach herself to a single methodology, Barbara has a wide range of knowledge from low to high tech approaches that can match a community’s local culture and capacity. Her sensitivity and flexibility in this process was invaluable in designing a project that is creative but pragmatic.”   Betsy Rosenbluth, Director of Projects

Vermont Community Foundation

“Barbara brings a passion to the importance of story in keeping, building, and strengthening communities and organizations.  She shares that passion in her consulting in a comfortable, skilled manner.” Stuart Comstock-Gay, President & CEO

Young Writers Project

“I so enjoyed The Art of Storytelling workshop. It was wonderful to see you in action, especially after hearing about your extraordinary abilities from our director. He was so right about you! You are an inspiring, captivating workshop leader. I came away feeling energized and really stoked to get busy telling Young Writers Project’s stories. Thanks for reinforcing what we do and love!”  Susan Reid, Publications Coordinator

Elaine Gast Fawcett  Copywriter – Content Strategist – Philanthropy Consultant

“Barbara generously offered her services to me as a mentor and colleague as I prepared to lead a storytelling training for a philanthropy membership association. She has an incredible expertise in storytelling and workshop facilitation, along with a solid background in teaching and writing. It’s clear that she really cares for her clients, and empowers them to tell their own stories so that they can do the most good. She’s a wonderful listener and a skilled integrator – weaving together the gifts of story mastery and how to bring story to life in a variety of formats. I highly recommend Barbara as a consultant, as a workshop leader and facilitator. She will give your organization the tools you need to articulate the right stories at the right time – and get them out there to your most important audiences.”
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