2014 VCF and BJF Art of Storytelling Workshop

Hand-outs and Extras

THE ART OF STORYTELLING WORKSHOP May 2014  Slides from the Workshop

Art of Storytelling 2014 Workshop VCK BJF Hand-out from the Workshop

Storytelling Ideas (download doc.)

Tip Sheet on Asking Good Questions

Rockefeller Foundation’s Report on Digital Storytelling for Social Impact

Network for Good’s free eBook on Storytelling for Nonprofits

How to Engage Five Generations

These hand-outs refer to additonal terrific resources.

See, also, VCF Storytelling Workshop Resources

Pre-Workshop Assignment

1. Your story. Be ready to share orally a 2-minute story of an experience from your past (your childhood or education or an experience you had) that has something to do with why you work at your organization. Perhaps you had an experience at school, or out in nature as a child, or on your travels, or with your grandparents or your children, or you saw something or heard someone else’s story that links you to the work you do now.
2. 6 -10 visual images that express some aspect of the mission of your organization These can be photos from your website or archives or they can be metaphorical.  No worries about the quality of the image–photocopying them on paper is fine.
3.  A short favorite story about your organization in action. Please write this one out (and keep it under 200 words) and email it to me at barbaraganley@gmail.com at least 24 hours before your workshop.  Please do not take a lot of time to craft the story.  Just tell it as you would if you were to meet me on the street and I asked you to share a story.
4. (Optional)  Read the essay on community storytelling I wrote for Orton Family Foundation:  http://www.orton.org/resources/storytelling_essay

Resources  Consulted in the Workshop

Resource Media and Salsa Labs on Visual Storytelling Excellent resource on visual storytelling for advocacy!

Whitepaper on Using Stories in Email Appeal Letters (Sound advice and great examples–.pdf)

The Irresistible Power of Storytelling as a Strategic Business Tool (Freytag’s Triangle and Paul Zak’s work)

Nancy Duarte’s Resonate

12 Tips for #womenbike Storytelling

Additional Resources

Compendium of Resources for Nonprofit Storytellers


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