A Series of Workshops for Vermont Community Foundation and Ben & Jerry’s Foundation March- June                      

  Art of Storytelling Workshop OVERVIEW, HAND-OUTS AND LINKS

NEW COLLABORATION!  I’ve joined the wonderful Bill Roper at Slow Communities as an affiliate (full disclosure–he’s my husband),  to connect Community Expressions’ storytelling  to strategic and community planning processes.  Check out his work–it’s brilliant.

INTERVIEW PUBLISHED: The fabulous Nancy Ancowitz recently interviewed my good friend and colleague, Alan Levine, and me about storytelling for introverts.  Check out what we have to say on Psychology Today’s blog.

NOTE: The deeper I delve into storytelling-for-good work and the more I commit to my own storytelling practice, the less I write about it.  I’ve written extensively online and off about theory and practice, sharing tips and approaches (it’s all here on Community Expressions and  Now I mostly link on Twitter (I’m @bgblogging) to interesting work, write image-text stories on Cowbird , and add to the resource pages here at Community Expressions, but I’ll be back to my blogging, at least from time to time, over at Slow Communities.  And  because folks have asked, I’m adding this weekly News page to keep you updated about our direction, collaborations and projects.