Consulting & Workshops

DGV_2544Consulting Services

We assist communities, nonprofits, foundations, academic institutions and artists  to strengthen civic engagement, to deepen participation, to develop curricula and to tell their stories. Our wide range of workshops and trainings and advising on storytelling, network and assets mapping, dialogue and facilitation, teaching and learning, as well as social media practices allow us to tailor our services individually for our clients. We focus on listening, innovating, and designing effective, individualized strategies with our clients.Contact us for more information about how we can help you bring storytelling and community-building approaches to your work!

Storytellingtraining_Victor2(1)Storytelling Workshops

Does your nonprofit tell its story effectively?  Does your foundation want its grantees to tell their stories well?  In our workshops and trainings, participants develop their storytelling skills while exploring the powerful role story plays in personal, organizational and/or community life. Our workshops weave together the technical, creative, and social strands of storytelling practices from story circles to story interviewing to digital storytelling to listening and mapping. Participants experiment with innovative narrative approaches, work closely with one another in a supportive, collaborative environment.  See our online workshop for Orton Family Foundation, our wiki from a workshop at the Community Matters ’10 conference and our slide set from a workshop for the Montana Community Foundation.

Damariscotta Storytelling (52)Social Media Workshops

How can nonprofits, foundations and geographic communities understand, sift through, and use social media to steward and enhance internal and external communications, connections and creativity? Workshop participants explore a full range of social media options, from wikis to blogs, micro-blogging to tagging, and learn to design and incorporate effective social media strategies suited to their mission and goals.



A Workshop Sampling

  • Storytelling for Grantees: Telling Our Story to Funders: Resources from Workshops for Vermont Community Foundation
  • The Art of Storytelling for Nonprofits
  • Planning the Community Storytelling Project: Slideshow of Workshop for Starksboro, Vermont
  • Advanced Facilitation: Moving from Story to Dialogue
  • Story Interviewing Techniques: Deep Listening and Asking Great Questions
  • An Introduction to Social Media for the Nonprofit
  • Multimedia Storytelling I: Image and Text, Image and Audio
  • Advanced Storytelling: Creative Exploration Across Media, Setting and Community
  • Digital Storytelling for Youth: Making Stories for Change

Storytelling White Paper

Re-weaving the Community, Creating the Future
A White Paper on the powerful role storytelling can and should play in communities, commissioned by the Orton Family Foundation (online and .pdf versions available)

Training Video

Storytelling for Community Planning: An Overview
An online training (in 30-minute video and slide formats) produced for the Orton Family Foundation for community groups wanting to learn more about storytelling approaches for civic engagement, capacity building and insight into values held by the community; access the accompanying worksheets here.