Consulting Services & Workshops

Victor 7Consulting Services

We assist geographic and online communities, nonprofits, foundations and academic institutions to incorporate the storytelling possibilities of social media and digital expressive media into their work. We offer a range of workshops and trainings that we can bring to you or to your clients; we also advise on storytelling projects and civic engagement.

Contact us for more information about how we can help you bring online and face-to-face storytelling approaches to your work!

Our Storytelling Workshops
Workshop participants will develop their digital media skills while exploring the powerful role storytelling can play in personal and community life. DigEx workshops weave together the technical, creative, and social strands of storytelling practices from story circles to story interviewing to digital storytelling. Participants experiment with innovative narrative approaches, work closely with one another in a supportive, collaborative environment.

Our Social Media Workshops
How can nonprofits and rural communities understand, sift through and use social media to support and enhance internal and external communications, connections and creativity? Workshop participants will explore a full range of social media options, from wikis to blogs, and micro-blogging to RSS, and learn to design and incorporate effective social media strategies suited to their mission and goals.

A Workshop Sampling

  • An Introduction to Social Media for the Nonprofit
  • An Introduction to Storytelling for the Nonprofit
  • Planning the Community Storytelling Project: Slideshow of a Recent Three-Hour Workshop for Starksboro, Vermon
  • Advanced Facilitation: Moving from Story to Dialogue
  • Story Interviewing Techniques: Deep Listening and Asking Great Question
  • Multimedia Storytelling I: Image and Text, Image and Audio
  • Advanced Storytelling: Creative Exploration Across Media, Setting and Community
  • Digital Storytelling for Youth: Making Short Movies about Community