Background on Community Engagement & Storytelling

Re-Weaving the Community, Creating the Future: Storytelling at the Heart and Soul of Healthy Communities Barbara for Orton Family Foundation

Relying on Ourselves, The Spirit of Rural Community Development by Nelda K. Pearson: on the role of storytelling in community development in rural Appalachia

The Most Human Art Scott Russell Sanders’s article on the importance of storytelling

Barbara’s feed of storytelling bookmarks (updated regularly)

Working with Stories, a free online Book by Cynthia Kurtz

True Community is founded on a Sense of Place, History and Trust an essay by Chris Maser

A Storytelling Model of Civic Engagement in a Multiethnic Urban Space by Kim, Yong-Chan

Orton Family Foundation’s Heart & Soul Community Planning Handbook

Renewable Energy: How Story Can Revitalize Your Organization  by Madeleine Blair (.pdf)

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